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Racquet Buddies has been created by Hayley Donnelly and it has been designed with little ones in mind! As a fully qualified primary teacher, Hayley has taken into account the development of young children and designed the programme around these principles. Add into the mix Hayley’s international badminton experience and also significant experience in coaching, and it is clear to see why Racquet Buddies offers a unique sporting class for children aged 2+.

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While Racquet Buddies began in Dundee as a small business, we are in the process of an expansion in the surrounding areas of Angus, Perth and North Fife, with the intention of classes being delivered nationally in Scotland within 3-5years. In order to have Buddies nationwide, we are looking for enthusiastic, driven and self-motivated people with a passion for racquet sports and working with young children to take our curriculum-linked and play-led programme to various areas in Scotland.

Within all Racquet Buddies classes, the aim of the session is for FUN and ENJOYMENT!!!

Racquet Buddies recently took on the Andy Murray 100 volley challenge. You can see the results in our video below.

Below is a guide to what Racquet Buddies can do for your little Buddy. If you think you have what it takes to be a Racquet Buddies franchisee, click here for more information.

You can read more about Hayley, Racquet Buddies and our franchise opportunities in our recent press coverage by clicking here.

Our Classes

In toddler classes, children use a wide range of equipment to practise skills to develop their hand-eye coordination and these skills link directly to movements that are essential for participating in racquet sports.

As a parent/carer, we know how important it is for your little Buddy to begin to socialise with other children and at our classes, we integrate some team-building games to make them truly feel that they are part of Racquet Buddies. Wearing their ‘team’ t-shirt also helps, and high 5s go a long way in their Racquet Buddies journey too!

We promise

  • Improve listening skills, social skills, self-esteem and confidence
  • Develop hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills
  • Learn overheads, forehands and backhands through engaging games and activities
  • Apply new skills using racquets and balloons before progressing on to shuttlecocks and tennis balls
  • Establish a love of racquet sports
  • Most importantly - HAVE FUN!
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